Raven Symone may have become well-versed in ruffling feathers, but ABC is standing behind her.

According to The Washington Post, producers of The View responded to an online petition calling for Raven’s removal from the show. 

Raven Symone Comments on South Carolina School Incident

“We love Raven,” the network said in a statement. “She is confident, genuine and opinionated, all qualities that make her a great addition to the panel.”

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The online petition, posted by Che Scott-Heron, has garnered more than 128,000 signatures. 

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Scott-Heron, who says she is the daughter of performer Gil Scott-Heron, posted the petition following Raven’s comments criticizing the young Black girl that was dragged out of classroom by a police officer. 

“Raven Symoné has been spouting her ignorant and self-hating spiel on the view for Long [sic] enough,” reads the petition. “From stating that she wouldn’t hire somebody for having a ghetto name, to openly complaining about reverse racism… African Americans and black people around the diaspora need a voice representative of their views and not a voice representative of what white people want us to say. We need strong black role models in prominent positions on television … Raven Symoné cannot provide that.”

Although the petition is steadily gaining traction it seems that Raven’s position on The View is solid.