Jada, the 16-year-old girl whose pictures went viral after she was allegedly drugged and raped at a party in Houston, opened up about her story on The View Monday.

The teen told co-hosts Jenny McCarthy, Whoopi Goldberg and guest hosts Suchin Pak and Meghan McCain that she attended a house party with friends and was given a drink that she now believes was spiked with a drug. She then passed out and doesn’t remember anything but says that she woke up and realized that her underwear were inside out. When she called a friend to ask what happened she was told she had thrown up and had to have her clothes removed. It wasn’t until other friends began calling her and asking if she was ok that she discovered pictures of herself undressed going viral under the hashtag #jadapose.

Jada has decided to come forward and speak about what happened to her in an effort to find her rapist. The teen was accompanied by her pastor Quanell X for her appearance on The View.

Many are criticizing the manner in which the hosts of the popular daytime talk show handled the sensitive interview; noting that McCarthy seemed uncomfortable with the matter. Pak was also criticized for her response to the teen’s recollection of what happened to her clothes saying, “That’s a very plausible story. That can happen at parties.” While Goldberg’s only comment was that “the law must take its course.”

Do you agree with how The View hosts handled the interview? Take a look at the clip above and let us know what you think.