In less than two months’ time, the world lost two of its most influential voices in Black music: Earth, Wind & Fire’s Maurice White and soulful songstress Natalie Cole.

However, if you’ve been watching the Grammys, you might’ve noticed that a full-blown tribute was missing for either artist (though Stevie Wonder and Pentatonix briefly paid homage to White). 

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Eric Benet took to Facebook to speak out on the glaring oversight—especially juxtaposed with the eight-minute performance dedicated to rock legend David Bowie.

“When asked why there will not be a tribute to Maurice White, the response from the Grammy board was there’s just no time,” Benet said. “Just no time. Now, this, to me, is extremely upsetting. This to me is extremely racist. Tragic. Disgusting.”

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Benet made it clear that he wasn’t discrediting Bowie’s influence on the musical world. In fact, he said, he thought that Bowie, who once chastised MTV for not including more diversity on their networks, would be as upset as he was.

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“I think David Bowie is in his grave right now disgusted,” Benet said. “…So Grammys: Shame on you. Shame on you, shame on you. There would be no rock-and-roll if there was no R&B, and I feel like Black music…continues to be lessened in a number of different ways. But that’s another video.”

What do you think of Benet’s statement? Do you agree? Sound off! 


Eric Benet brings about an interesting topic… Why is Earth Wind & Fire founder Maurice White not getting a tribute at the Grammy’s He is an international Icon… Oh wait for it….Natalie Cole is also not getting a tribute but low and behold David Bowie is… Now David Bowie is also an internatinal Icon and we love him, he is very deserving but to say there is not enough time to honor Earth Wind & Fire Founder and the Legendary Natalie Cole is a slap in the Music History Face.Video Source: Eric BenetCheck out our website: www.Earhustle411.comPosted by Ear Hustle 411 on Saturday, February 13, 2016