A new witness video has surfaced painting a fuller picture of the arrest of 22-year-old Baltimore man Freddie Gray.

Gray died last month after sustaining a broken back while in police custody. A state’s attorney’s investigation concluded that police officers failed to buckle Gray into the police van once they arrested him, and a new video seemingly confirms it. 

The video, which was obtained by the Baltimore Sun, shows police officers handcuffing Gray and putting him into the van head first. Gray appears to be unresponsive as officers shackle his legs, which are hanging out of the van.

The video was recorded by an unnamed nearby resident, who, while shooting the video, called out to Gray and asked if he was ok. He didn’t hear a response. Soon after, a police officer reportedly approached the witness and threatened to tase him if he didn’t leave.

Neither the police department or the state’s attorneys office have issued a comment on the new development.