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Victoria's Secret Joins The Semi-Customized Fragrance Market

The coveted nostalgic scents are now customizable!
Victoria’s Secret Joins The Semi-Customized Fragrance Market

If your first signature scent had a title like “Amber Romance” or “Love Spell,” then your scent memory may rejoice at the news of Victoria’s Secret’s newest venture into the semi-custom blend market. The brand’s line of fragrance has grown over the years to include a robust selection of body mists and eau de toilettes. The Victoria’s Secret Fantasies fragrance line, which launched in 2011, and boasts a selection of body mists, creams, shower gels and eau de toilettes has undergone a makeover. Packaging is now dressed in vibrant, bold prints that are worthy of display on any vanity.

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In addition to new packaging, Victoria’s Secret has also joined the competitive arena of fragrance’s latest craze, custom blends, with the launch of the Victoria’s Secret Fantasies Fragrance Studio. Shoppers can choose from their selection of 14 signature scents to layer and blend to create your own custom blend. Each store will have a fragrance studio to help you determine which scents you like best. At only $9 a pop, you can walk away with your favorite scents and layer them at home. The downside is that your custom blend won’t come in one bottle, but you can still wear each fragrance alone, which gives you a more diverse scentfolio at home.

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In an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, the brand’s vice president of product development, Mark Knitowski stated, “the fragrance studio is about pairing and creating something new that is uniquely yours. It’s about playing to make different fragrances for different moods.”

Victoria’s Secret Fantasies Fragrance Mists retail for $9 in-house and online at victoriassecret.com

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