No man dead or alive is above the law, no matter how much money he has — or in this case, had. That’s the message Attorney General Denise N. George is sending to Jefferey Epstein’s estate. 

The top law enforcement official in the U.S. Virgin Islands announced at a press conference on Wednesday that her office was bringing a suit against the estate of a man who she says trafficked young women in the predominantly-Black U.S. territory, as recently as 2018.

“The complaint speaks for itself and lays out allegations of a pattern and practice of human trafficking, sexual abuse and forced labor of young women and female children as young as 13 years old,” George told reporters at a news conference.

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The native Virgin Islander also alleges that Little Saint James and Great Saint James, the homes Epstein used to sexually exploit young women, were constructed in violation of environmental laws and exhibit a pattern of behavior that show Epstein believed the rules did not apply to him.

According to NBC News, the Epstein estate is denying some of the allegations outlined in the lawsuit, saying that the Epstein estate is “being administered in accordance with the laws of the U.S. Virgin Islands and under the supervision of the Superior Court of the U.S. Virgin Islands.”

Epstein, who had ties to Donald J. Trump, The Royals, and other high-profile businessmen throughout the world, was arrested last year on federal charges in connection with a sex trafficking ring in New York and Florida. While imprisoned, he allegedly committed suicide.


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