Usher Raymond has a stalker and apparently she has it bad for the R&B singer. The 911 call that Raymond made last month to report the woman has been released by TMZ

The women, who was later identified as Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw, trespassed onto his Georgia property, rang the door bell and sat at his doorstep. 

“I don’t know this woman,” Raymond told the dispatcher. He said somehow she was able to get into his gated community.
He described her as “apparently a bit delusional.” When authorities arrived on the scene, according to TMZ, Jones-Rakestraw claimed she was Raymond’s wife. “I think she’s a fan of some sort,” he said to the operator. 

This wasn’t Janes-Rakestraw’s first visit that day. Earlier she was escorted off the property after Usher’s security team realized they didn’t know who she was. 

“She was asked to leave the house,” he said. “I was not home.” 

And to top it off, Raymond said she appeared to be charging her iPad with the plug at his front door while sitting at the doorstep.

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According to Extra, the 26-year-old was arrested on the spot and Raymond filed a request for a restraining order a few days later.