Usher’s Son Thinks His Dad is ‘Not a Great Singer’
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Usher’s son is not impressed with his dad’s vocal abilities. Nayvid Ely Raymond, who turns six next month, told his Grammy Award-winning dad that he’s “not a great singer.”

“He doesn’t care about what I do as much,” Usher said in an interview with Bilboard. “He’s like ‘I’m the star. Who are you? You sing?’ He told me the other day he said, ‘You’re not a great singer.”

Meanwhile, Usher says his other son, Usher “Cinco” Raymond V, who turns seven next month, has taken an interest in his father’s dancing.

“When seeing me perform on tour in the past—and most of the time it’s past his bedtime—but he’s just sitting there studying every move, every second like laser focus,” he said. “And then I’ll see him off by himself doing the moves.”

Usher says his skills that at least one son admires come from his serious dedication to his development as an artist.

“This is something that was very, very important when I came up as an artist and is probably the reason why 20 years later, I am making music and performing and excited about doing it,” he said. 

Usher will showcase his moves and vocals on his UR Experience Tour that kicks off this month. He released two singles this year and is currently working on his eighth studio album.