The Olympics track and field games kicked off last week and there have already been a number of awe-inspiring performances. 

For starters, Usain Bolt defended his title as the world’s fastest man on Sunday. The Jamaican sprinter finished the 100-meter dash in just 9.63 seconds, the fastest time clocked since American Carl Lewis in 1984 and 1988, reports the Huffington Post

Bolt’s time was not the only record-breaking performance. He competed alongside eight other runners, seven of whom finished the race in under 10 seconds for the first time in history. 

Another first was for American runner Sanya Richard-Ross, who won her first gold medal in the 400-meter race after winning bronze in 2008. “It’s very, very challenging to get on the Olympic stage and give your best performance, to balance your emotions and physical,” the 27-year-old told the Associated Press. “I just dug really deep and I’m very happy.”

Other track and field medalists so far include Carmelita Jeter, who took home silver in the 100-meter dash; Dee Dee Trotter, who won bronze in the 400-meter race; Reese Hoffa, who earned bronze in shot put; Will Claye, who came through with bronze in long jump and Justin Gatlin, who finished the 100-meter race with his personal best time of 9.79 seconds to claim bronze. 

Be sure to check out the rest of the Olympic track and field games all this week. 

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