Lorenzen Wright’s former wife says she was threatened by three gun-toting men looking for her ex-husband six weeks before he disappeared, reports the Associated Press. An attorney representing Wright’s ex-wife, Sherra Wright, says her client warned her ex-husband but didn’t report the incident to police out of fear of retaliation. “She was told that if she said anything she would be killed, or her children,” said attorney, Gail Mathes. “Mrs. Wright was terrified.” The 34-year-old retired NBA player was last seen leaving his ex-wife’s home on July 18th. Sherra Wright says he left the house in the middle woof the night with an unidentified person. Police also add that he may have been holding a large amount of cash. Police are also investigating why a 911 call made from Wright’s cellphone was not reported until eight days later. A dispatcher who took the call told police he heard gunshots before the call abruptly ended. No one answered when he returned the call. The Memphis Grizzlies will hold a public memorial service for Wright on Wednesday at the FedExForum in Memphis. Wright played for the Grizzlies from 2001-2006.