It always makes a giggle when magazines lump “Black skin” all into one category — as if there were one universal ‘Black’ shade! One of the most beautiful aspects about us is that we come in a zillion different hues, from porcelain-pale to dark chocolate-deep.

Of course, our shade range can make makeup shopping a challenge. The blush that’s stunning on Halle in that Revlon ad might look totally different on someone Paula Patton or Alek Wek’s complexion!

We hope to make the process a tad easier with our new weekly series, “Universal Beauty.” Here, we’ll try one hot makeup shade on a handful of ESSENCE.COM staffers, with a range of skintones.

This week, we’re taking MAC’s crazy-popular Satin Lipstick In Pink Nouveau for a test run (Kelly Rowland’s genius makeup artist, LaTasha Wright, lives for this pastel pink shade!). Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

MAC Satin Lipstick In Pink Nouveau, $23,

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