Although he says he’s no relationships expert, Tyrese Gibson doesn’t mind sharing a little sound advice. He stopped by Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” Morning Show, to promote his book “How To Get Out of Your Own Way,” and gave his two-cents on sex, marriage and polygamy.

The “Transformers 3” star says the “timing of when you get married” is very important because “men will be men. We can find that main one we want to love and want to focus on but in the end if you ain’t got everything out of your system, your curiosity is going to lead to you moving around a little bit.”

On polygamy, he added, “If a man is going to move like that, then I don’t really think it needs a title.”

“The title polygamy is just like a concept of you moving around. Just ‘do you’ but my thing is if you’re going to move around like that, get your pimpin’ right and at least give the girls a heads up because I think the dipping off five-six women simultaneously making them all think they’re the only one, that’s when people get fired up at the end.”

Well said, Tyrese.

Do you agree?

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