The internet is here to stay ladies. If you’re reading this post, we obviously didn’t need to tell you that. Apparently Tyra Banks got the memo too and is integrating Tyra.com into her model search for “America’s Next Top Model“, which is set to premier on the CW on March 10, People.com reported. One lucky babe will get to bump the long lines and head straight to California, just by uploading her photo and audition Online. “My Fierce Ladies,” Banks writes in a recent post on Tyra.com. “This is a chance for you to be seen by ME! Forget about those long lines, and just send ’em right here. I will be looking at ALL of your pictures and choosing the girl that’s going to fly to California to be on Top Model! I wanna see all of you! From the Fiercely Real (ya know, plus sized) to the ‘straight’ (skinny) models, just doin’ your thang.” If you’re between 18 and 27 and 5-foot-7-inches or taller and you want to be on “Top Model” upload four photos of yourself in a swimsuit to Tyra.com. Read More: