Tyra Banks almost quit America’s Next Top Model

“I’ve thought about turning the reigns over,” she told the New York Post. “I had to be reminded that [the show] is my baby. A few years ago, I was willing to give my baby up for adoption.” 

Banks said she now has a personal executive coach to help her manage the stress associated with producing television. “I am learning how to delegate and how to empower people,” she said. “I realize that in order to truly grow, I have to delegate and find amazing people that are better at it than me.” 

The 19th season of America’s Next Top Model returns on August 24th with three new hosts. Longtime judges Jay Alexander and Nigel Barker were replaced with Kelly Cutrone, male model Rob Evans and “the fourth judge is the home audience, which we’ve never done before,” Banks said. 

The newest season will be a college-themed edition, featuring models from universities and trade schools.