Tyra Banks Promotes Living Tobacco-Free

Model-turned-media mogul Tyra Banks has partnered her beauty company with truth, the national smoke prevention campaign aimed at educating youth about the dangers of cigarettes and promoting a smoke-free lifestyle. Under the “Smoke Your Eyes, Not Your Cigarettes” campaign, Tyra Beauty is marrying the worlds of beauty and wellness, and encouraging people to live tobacco-free.

Tyra Banks Announces New Cosmetics Line, TYRA Beauty

In an interview with Market Wired the model stated, “During my modeling career, never did I once light a cigarette. There was enough ‘smoke’ around my eyes…I didn’t need any in my lungs! In creating TYRA Beauty, I have built products that change the way people look and feel about themselves— by partnering with truth, I wanted to bring our two platforms together to make a clear life-saving statement: “Smoke Your Eyes, Not Your Cigarettes.”

The campaign will launch alongside the new TYRA Beauty holiday collection, an eye shadow palette appropriately titled, “Smoky Smize.” The collection includes four wet/dry shadows with tobacco-associated titles like Light ‘Em Up, BlazeExhale and Smolder.

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TYRA Beauty Smoky Smize Eye Shadow Palette $39, available at tyra.com