Tyler James Williams Would Love to Play Emmett Till in a Movie One Day
Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Tyler James Williams is taking a break from television to bring fans an innovative new scripted series that will stream on mobile devices. 

RePlay, which premiered April 20 on Verizon’s go90 entertainment app, is about an aspiring DJ who finds herself caught in a 24-hour time loop where she must choose between her friends or her career. Each episode is a short and sweet 10 minutes long.

Williams told The Huffington Post, “It still releases 12 episodes like a regular show, but we shot it like a movie which is nice. We got all the scripts up front, which for a regular show you don’t. You typically get them week to week. So as far as building a character or understanding where the script is going, it’s not the same. So I actually prefer to have all the information up front. So it was nice.”

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For the Everybody Hates Chris star, though, film is the ultimate goal and he has one role in mind that he’d love to pursue. “I don’t think there’s been a really good Emmett Till story yet,” he said. “That would be nice to get done. Anything that kind of tells a story that we haven’t heard before. I think sometimes we fall into the trap of telling the same stories over and over again, with different names of characters. I’m looking for that sixth story, not the first five that people can come up with.”

We’ll be tuning in for that one, Tyler.

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