Fashionista: Candace Montgomery
Age: 37
Relationship Status: Married

Fashionista: Chloe Williams
Age: 26
Relationship Status: Taken

A few glimpses around the offices at ESSENCE and you just might find yourself becoming green-eyed from closet envy.

Prints, fabrics, and colors come easy for these fashionistas. So it’s no wonder that a few times, you might catch co-workers rocking the same type of style, as they step out dressed to impress.

Meet Chloe Williams and Candace Montgomery.

“Fashion is a lifestyle”, says Williams, PR Coordinator at ESSENCE. “It means so much to me. Fashion is who you are, and how you represent who you are on the inside, on the outside. It’s everything!”

The two fabulous women both unexpectantly decided to rock a matching Forever 21 brown and black striped skirt, a black blazer, bold watches, and high black pumps to finish the look. Trendy and easy-on-the-go, the skirts made for a fashion statement in our offices.

“I love fashion but it must be easy and accessible for me,” says Montgomery, Event Marketing Director at ESSENCE and blogger at, “Everything is over the top for me. Everything is a stage!”

And these women take front and center!

Work it ladies!