Just when we were recovering from the #teamlightskin and #teamdarkskin situation on Twitter, the popular social network has a new trending hashtag to get our eyebrows all bunched up.

At first glance, #rulesforgirls seems like a harmless and possibly uplifting hashtag with notes for women like, “Break all the rules and feel proud,” or “Grow up into beautiful women who embrace sisterhood.” Too bad there are so many other little nuggets of advice that make us screw up our faces.

A few examples:
  • “If you look cheap and talk cheap you get treated cheap.”
  • “Know how to walk in heels.” 
  • “Some females are just (expletive) stupid.”
  • “If you don’t want to be cheated on you better be a bad bitch, better show your man you’re the (expletive).”
Hey, people! Can we stop making up rules for women now?! It’s downright confusing at this point. It’s probably why half of us don’t know how to behave with each other and with our men. Play hard to get. Always wear heels. Don’t wear that. Show him with affection, but not too much. If you sleep with him on the first date, there’s no way he’s going to respect you. Do this. Do that. Stop it! It’s exhausting and I for one can’t take it anymore.

Be yourself, if you even know who you are anymore, after spending years trying to conform to all of these silly rules.

We have to agree with one guy who wrote, “#rulesforgirls? Seriously? Please don’t listen to this sexist crap on here. It’s rather depressing. Do what you want,” and female tweeter Tre_Boo, who wrote, “We don’t need rules. We run this!” Well said, girlfriend!

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