Marriage isn’t a game. It’s a lifelong commitment you make to another person and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. That said, how does one know they’re ready to say “I do”? Some argue that it’s solely a matter of the heart, while others have strict ideas as to what should happen before a man or woman should marry. It’s almost always a heated debate and we’re taking the discussion to Twitter this week for our popular She Time Twitter chat party. Come prepared to discuss why a woman should, or should not get married, and what you feel the warning signs are. It’s gonna be a good one!

Join tonight at 8pm EST on Twitter for #SheTime to discuss reasons you should and shouldn’t get married.

Be sure to follow @ESSENCEOnline and #SheTime to join the conversation. On Thursday November 10rd, 2011 at 8pm click here to jump right in and join the discussion.

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