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Twitter Party: Let's Talk About His First Date Mistakes

What do men do to make your first date the last? It's almost #SheTime!
Okay, enough from us, it’s time to tell us what you think. The ESSENCE.com Twitter chats have been a huge success, so we’re going to keep the party going. We want you to come mingle and join the discussion this week. It’s called #SheTime. (Because who doesn’t love a little evening girl-talk?)

There’s nothing more disappointing than an awful first date — especially when it comes out of nowhere. We’re going to discuss some of the hottest first date topics. Who should really pay? Is it okay to sleep with him? You’ve got questions, and we’re going to discuss!

Join us Thursday, October 20th at 8pm EST on Twitter to dish on bad dating and share your horror stories. See you there!

Be sure to follow @ESSENCEOnline and #SheTime to join the conversation. On Thursday October 20th, 2011 at 8pm click here to jump right in and join the discussion.