Twitter Chat: Talk Candidly About Sex With Tonya Lewis Lee Today
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The choices you make regarding your body and your sexual health are always yours to make, but those decisions should never (ever!) be taken lightly. Sex, birth control and unplanned pregnancies can be some of the toughest topics to tackle – even with your girls. It’s time to remove the stigma and get the conversation going.

Best-selling author, attorney, filmmaker and healthy living advocate Tonya Lewis Lee (her husband’s Spike Lee) has partnered with online birth control support network on the digital health and wellness platform Healthy You Now, which aims to communicate this message to women worldwide.

“The fact is, most of us don’t feel comfortable talking to people close to us about our plans to have sex,” says Lewis Lee. “The truth is talking to other women about their choices whether or not those choices work for you can be incredibly helpful. Every woman is different with unique desires and needs, but we can each learn from one another, talk with a health care provider and then make the best decision for our body and our lifestyle.”

Lewis, along with ESSENCE Relationships Editor Charreah K. Jackson and a host of other brave and open young women created a video series to start the conversation and will continue it today on Twitter at noon EST. Watch one of their videos below and join the conversation today by following #FriskyFriday.


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