Twitter Briefly Suspends Azealia Banks, Everyone Celebrates
Getty Images

Yesterday, the world woke up to an Azealia Banks-free Twitter and the Internet wasted no time celebrating.

Banks’ account deactivation came after the rapper went on a racist rant against Zayn Malik, former One Direction star and current solo artist, and then attacked 14-year-old Disney actress Skai Jackson.

Once Twitter users noticed that Banks’ account was no more, they were quick to start a hashtag celebrating her suspension, #AzealiaGotSuspendedParty.

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And, Twitter isn’t the rapper’s only problem. Banks faces the possibility of being banned from the U.K. after her attack on Malik and was recently dropped from a U.K. festival.

The rapper has started a new account, though. She claims to have apologized to Malik and “the black girl from Disney” and tweets, “I just want to say that I have learned my lesson. Sometimes I go off because my artistic ability is overshadowed by crackers like Iggy. – AB,” then later claims that she was verbally abused by Beyoncé. So, if you were hoping for a new and improved Azealia, don’t count on it. 

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