Identical Twins Get Accepted Into 37 Colleges Each
WTKR News 3/Twitter

Prepare for Black Girl Magic greatness, and make it double, because a pair of identical twin sisters from Milwaukee got accepted into 37 colleges each and then racked up more than $1,000,000 in scholarships.

Arianna and Arielle Williams, seniors at Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy, are celebrating their accomplishments, even though the greatness and hunger to achieve more doesn’t stop here.

“Honestly we were pushing for 40 college acceptances, but we ended up getting like 37. I was like, ‘Oh man, but we still did good,'” Arianna Williams told TMJ4 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The seniors are also the top students of their class, with the two highest GPAs. Arianna is graduating first in her class, according to CBS58 in Milwaukee, while Arielle is just behind, graduating second.

According to the report, the twins are still waiting on official word from the school to be considered valedictorian and salutatorian.

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“We’ve always been those overachievers throughout school, period,” Arielle told CBS58.

“We never wanted to do the basic,” Arianna added. “We always wanted to go above and do beyond that.”

And despite the healthy competition between the twins, they are also each other’s biggest cheerleaders, as Arianna pointed out.

“I honestly have two chances of winning either through me or my sister, so it’s like either one of us is fine with me,” Arianna said.

The twins will now be first-generation college students who are set to graduate basically debt-free.

And even though they had a lot of options, the sisters settled on staying close to home, and they will be attending Marquette University, where they both plan to study nursing.


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