A Florida woman watched her twin sister die after a swerving vehicle struck her off the side of the I-95 highway in Boynton.

Marcasia and Markwonda Crenshaw, and their two young children, were driving home Sunday to Boynton Beach when they stopped to help a motorist in distress on the highway.

They decided to pull over because they saw the car was “stopped in the inside lane, air bags out, emergency lights on, and smoking,” Markwonda told the Sun Sentinel. “We pulled over to make sure everyone was OK. Who wouldn’t?”

But as they did so, another driver at the wheel of a pickup truck swerved left off the highway. Although both sisters tried to avoid the car, Marcasia was hit. 

“When I turned around, she was in the grass,” said Markwonda. “I was touching her, trying to wake her up. But she wouldn’t move.”

“This was a selfless act,” said local Sgt. Kim Montes. “They chose to stop to help somebody. They probably didn’t realize how much they put their lives at risk.”

Asleep in the car were Marcasia’s five-year-old son and Markwonda’s two-year-old daughter. The twins were on their way home from Jacksonville after a weekend visit with their mother.

“I can’t eat, can’t sleep, crying, I’m just in disbelief,” Markwonda said. “Honestly, I am trying to be strong, because I have the kids.”

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