It’s only been six weeks and already two Tennessee State University roommates will be in court because they really don’t get along.

Tierni Williams, a 20-year-old student reportedly thought she was going to have her dorm room all to herself —until six weeks ago. As reported by ABC 6 News, when junior Erein Tiller moved in with Williams… the problems began.

“TSU was filled to capacity when we got there, my daughter was one left without housing,” says Tiller’s mother, Nicole Wright. “They put her in temporary housing where she was with two other loving young ladies, and then they moved her from temporary housing into permanent housing with Ms. Williams. Ms. Williams made it very clear in the beginning, she thought she was going to be in the room by herself.”

What happened in the following weeks was a series of arguments, a domestic violence charge, leaked photos and now, a food-drug tampering charge.

On Oct 3 Tiller was arrested for assaulting Williams for posting half-naked pictures of her sleeping online. Then last week, Williams allegedly poured toilet water into Tiller’s water bottle, causing her to get sick.

“I was thinking that maybe it was something that she had eaten,” Wright said about her daughter’s initial stomach pain. “Her words were, ‘Ma, my roommate was poisoning me.’ I said, ‘Poisoning you?’ She said, ‘Yes. She posted a video on SnapChat and was sending it to people and showing people the video’.”

Wright believes from the get-go Williams didn’t want her daughter as a roommate.

“The young lady kept mentioning the fact that she wanted to be in the room by herself. It went from that to small things; she would have company late. Or she would be up late and have her desk lamp towards my daughter and be loud,” she said.

“The suitemates, RAs, and the residence director, they were all aware of exactly what was going on because my daughter went to them numerous times. My daughter was often discouraged and it was said to her… ‘You wouldn’t want to talk to my superiors because then they may try to put both of you out because we’re full to capacity and there’s nowhere for you to go.'”

Consequently, Tiller was expelled and both ladies are due in court next month.