Try It This Weekend: Rita Hazan Weekly Remedy
Rita Hazan

If your hair is anything like mine, at the first sign of cold weather it’s dry and brittle. Add in the fact that I have a relaxer and bleached ends and you’re probably thinking that I’m lucky to still have hair on my head. As a beauty editor I’m constantly trying new products, but it wasn’t until recently that I started using a hair mask (shame on me, I know). It has seriously transformed my hair. I thought it couln’t get any better until Rita Hazan’s Weekly Remedy launched.

Rita Hazan has been a hair color master for many A-list celebs, so when it comes to hair repair and hair health, I pretty much trust anything she says.  Her new two-step system balances the PH in your hair, adds moisture and shine and seals the cuticle to get rid of that frizzy, fried look. It works wonders on heat styled and color treated hair of course, but it’s also a great deep conditioning option for natural girls too. The best part about it is that you don’t have to wait for it to work and you only do it once a week. You literally slather on step one after shampooing, rinse, apply step two and rinse.

This weekend, take some time to show your hair a little extra love. 

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