Hair loss is real. We get it. But, the most common hair loss myths have been perpetuated by both physicians and ladies everywhere (Yes! We suffer from hair loss too). To help get to the truth, we asked Dr. Robert Leonard, Founder and Chief Surgeon, Leonard Hair Transplant Associates to give insight on the myths. Read on and find out if you’ve been spreading bad hair rumors.

Myth: Stress is a major cause of hair loss.
Truth: While this is among the most common myths, it’s only an issue in the case of physiologic stress. (i.e. physical trauma, high fever, childbirth, general anesthesia) Everyday stress does not cause hair loss, however, excessive stress can cause some hair to go into a shedding phase. 

Myth: Clogged hair follicles will lead to hair loss. 

Truth: It is very important to use hair care products that thoroughly cleanse the scalp of cellular debris and sebum, however, this issue does not cause follicles to become clogged and lead to thinning hair. A healthier follicle allows for the development of a healthier hair fiber.

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Myth: Frequent shampooing will cause hair to thin. 
 Truth: To the contrary, daily shampooing is important to keep both the scalp and the hair clean. Myth: Presence of mites is described to thin hair.
Truth: Mites are part of our life—like it or not—that are found virtually everywhere, but they do not cause hair loss. 

Myth: Wearing a hat will cause hair to fall out.
Truth: This has been passed along from grandmothers to mothers to daughters over the centuries. Sorry, Mom, it’s just not true! Wearing a hat by those losing their hair is often used as a crutch, which can deteriorate into staying away from social events and even self-isolation. 

Myth: It’s best that ethnic hair and scalp not be cleaned on a regular basis.

Truth: Though frequent shampooing can cause some ethnic hair to become dry, with the use of a product such as Keranique Volumizing Keratin Conditioner, which provides moisture to the hair fiber and coats the hair shaft, women can achieve hair that has a fuller look and feel.