Trunk Kidnapping Escapee Raises Nearly $40K In Less Than A Week
The TODAY Show

The 25-year-old nursing student who spoke out earlier this week about escaping her kidnapper has raised nearly $40,000 in six days. 

Brittany Diggs, who appeared on The Today show Monday, shared her story of how a man approached her with a gun while demanding money. The abduction occurred near her home in Birmingham, Alabama. 

The GoFundMe page that was created following the incident, shows that contributors have donated nearly $40,000 in less than a week. The page says that the funds will go towards things like housing relocation, moving funds, hospital fees, and lawyer fees. 

When describing the ordeal, Diggs says that the man threatened her several times.

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“Every other thing he said was or I’m going to kill you,” she recalled.  As the suspect has not yet been found, Diggs says that she doesn’t feel safe enough to return to her apartment.

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“I try to put it in the back of my head so I can just get through the day, but that was the scariest thing I ever had to deal with,” she said. 

The GoFundMe page, which was created by Diggs’ friend Janise Robinson states, “that was my best friend… this stranger took everything from her and made her get in the trunk of her own car.”

“She appreciates all of the words of encouragement, love and prayers she has witnessed! She thanks you in advance!” the page reads.