Trump Supporter Stabbed After Using Racial Slur During An Argument
Brian Stablyk

A Washington state man was stabbed after he used a racial slur during an argument about the politics of President-elect Donald Trump, Oregon Live reports.

The victim, a Trump supporter, and Alvaro Campos-Hernandez were arguing last Wednesday in a bar. But when Campos-Hernandez walked away, the victim apparently called him a racial slur. Alcohol was involved. And according to police, that’s when things went left.

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Campos-Hernandez then placed the man in a headlock and stabbed him in the windpipe. He is now recovering from the wound. Campos-Hernandez was then arrested on suspicion of first-degree assault.

The nation has seen an uptick in racial incidents and crimes since Trump’s election last month.

“It could have been a homicide. The victim was extremely lucky,” said officer Raymond Warren.