This Trump Supporter’s Racist Halloween Display Is Absolutely Disgraceful

What do you get when you combine a racist Donald Trump supporter with Halloween in Florida? A tasteless display of ignorance and prejudice.

A suburban West Kendall neighborhood was rightfully rattled over the weekend after a local homeowner put up Halloween decorations that included a yard display of two Black dummies dressed in baggy clothing and hanging from a tree. A few feet to the right of the tree was a signature campaign sign supporting Trump and his VP pick Mike Pence.

Naturally, it wasn’t long before social media took notice and people began to voice their disapproval.

A few Black voters used the moment to suggest that the photo of the display is a foreshadowing of what’s to come for the African-American community should Trump be elected president on November 8.

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And if you think the backlash caused the creators of the display to offer an empty “apology” or even take it down, think again. An anonymous caller, believed be the owner of the property where the yard display was seen, reportedly contacted the Miami Times to assert that the disturbing display was just to “make it scary for Halloween” and described the decor as “not racist, nothing political.”

A second caller admitted that the Trump/Pence sign belonged to her, but told the news site that the photo being circulated is “not true.” The man claiming to be the owner of the home later updated the display to include a sign that reads, “Don’t be ignorant, it’s Halloween,” shortly after the photo went viral.

The man also declined to say which candidate he is supporting for president.

The community’s property manager reportedly told the Miami Times they are taking the matter seriously and have reached out to the homeowner to ask that he take down the display.


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