In the midst of anti-Trump protests and marches in London on Tuesday, a woman approached the diaper-wearing Trump baby blimp near the Houses of Parliament and popped it, The Independent reports.

“It’s a national disgrace,” the woman said in a video she recorded of herself committing the act. “The president of the United States is the best president ever.”

Local police quickly apprehended the woman after she popped the balloon, despite her hysterically yelling that they were hurting her. She was arrested for criminal damage.

Trump’s recent trip has definitely put the already politically charged UK through a whirlwind these past few days, with protesters in London making every effort to send a message about the controversial president over his three-day visit.

The blimp that was stabbed to death during the protests was a smaller replica of a larger 20 foot balloon spotted near Parliament Square earlier that day.

“We’ve had a fantastic day with Baby Trump in front of the world’s media and the president himself,” said a spokesperson to The Independent.

This past Tuesday alone, there were 75,000 protesters rallying against Trump in central London, according to Time. But when Trump was asked about the protests he said that he barely saw any and that the reports were “fake news.”

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