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Trump Says He Received 52 Percent Of The Female Vote In 2016. That's Not True.


President Donald Trump was back on the campaign trail this weekend as he stumped for GOP House candidate Rick Saccone in Pennsylvania. And true to form, a campaigning Trump always gives the world a boatload of falsehoods to grapple with.

At a Saturday rally, the president claimed he received 52 percent of the female vote in the 2016 presidential election.
“Remember, women won’t like Donald Trump,” he said. “I said, ‘Have I really had that kind of a problem?’ … We got 52 percent. And I’m running against a woman. You know, that’s not that easy.” 

Trump actually received 52 percent of the vote from white women. Overall, only 42 percent of all women voted for Trump, with 54 percent casting their vote for Hillary Clinton, according to The Hill

Black and Hispanic women told a different story with their votes: among non-college educated Black women only three percent voted for Trump, and 25 percent of non-college educated Hispanic women voted for Trump. Meanwhile, 64 percent of non-college educated white women voted for the current president. Among college educated women who voted, 45 percent of white women, 28 percent of Hispanic women and six percent of Black women voted for Trump.

These numbers prove one thing — white women overwhelmingly voted for Trump. But that still doesn’t mean the president received that majority of the overall women vote. 

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