Lady Gaga is known for her over-the-top ensembles, outrageous concert costumes and out-of-this-world performances. Her Gaga-isms have made her a household name, but what many people don’t know is that her manager and make-it-happen maven, Troy Carter, is an African-American man.

In an interview with the New York Times, the Philadelphia native opened up about working behind-the-scenes with one of the biggest names in music. His specialty is technology, and his mastery of online marketing is one reason why we know Gaga so well. Carter and Gaga have attacked the Internet full-throttle since day one, when radio execs turned the other cheek to Gaga’s records. “Outside of live performances, the Internet became our primary tool to help people discover her music,” Carter told the Times.

Next up on Carter’s itinerary? He’s creating a Backplane, a digital platform that will combine all things social media and entertainment, merging online communities around the Web. Carter has big plans in the works to make sure he stays on top of his game, while keeping Gaga on top of the charts.

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