Trevor Noah Rips HUD Secretary Ben Carson Over Department Spending Scandal
Albin Lohr-Jones/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Trevor Noah hilariously went after Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson on Wednesday’s episode of The Daily Show.

Carson is currently embroiled in a scandal following recent reports that he had spent over $31,000 of taxpayer money on a dining set for his office. Previously, the former surgeon made a pledge to save money in his department.

Noah called “bullshit” on the pledge. And though Carson’s spending has also angered the White House, Noah claimed that this incident wasn’t even Carson’s worst scandal. He promptly aired footage of Carson farting during a recent Fox News interview. 

“But let’s not let this hilarious moment distract us from the real issue,” said Noah. “While supporting deep budget cuts to his department, Carson is spending lavishly on dining sets and lounge furniture and $5,000 chairs, which is not OK.”

Check it out…