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Who’s cuter than Willow Smith right now? The pint-sized pop star has charmed the nation with her infectious dance hit. “Whip My Hair,” and her edgy-to-the-max personal style. And that hair! In the past year, Willow’s hairstyles have ranged from a shaved-on-the-side asymmetric to a “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”-esque fauxhawk. We chatted with Willow’s hairstylist, Marcia Hamilton, about everything from the pop starlet’s favorite products to the inspiration behind her uber-dramatic tresses… ESSENCE.COM: We love Willow’s hairstyles in her “Whip My Hair” video! Who came up with the styles? MARCIA HAMILTON: The looks for the video were actually a collaboration between Willow, her mother Jada, and myself. Willow is extremely inspired by Billy Idol, and I love British Punk. So I marry the two when I’m creating her hairstyles. ESSENCE.COM: What products do you use on her hair? MH: I use a little bit of everything! But some of my favorites are Tancho Wax Stick, Morrocanoil products, Italy Glass Serum, J. Beverly Hills Hold Me, Iso Bouncy Cream, and Organic Root Stimulator Scalp Oil. ESSENCE.COM: Does she have a relaxer? MH: No, Willow is natural! ESSENCE.COM: Willow’s only 10, but she already has a very edgy look. Some people think her hairstyles are too “grown.” Do you think her hair is age-appropriate? MH: I do! Willow’s parents allow her to express herself creatively, and are very conscious of her looks not being inappropriate. I wish my mom was like that when I was growing up. I was told I couldn’t cut my hair until I was out of my mom’s house. Crazy!