Whether Ciara’s wears her hair cornrowed, in a short shag, or cascading down her back, her strands are always, always on point. We recently caught up with the Hotlanta native at a music industry party, where she exclusively revealed to the magic behind her haute hair. ESSENCE.COM: What’s the one thing you can’t live without? CIARA: This may be very blunt, but I can’t live without hair extensions.  ESSENCE.COM: I love it! CIARA: It’s the truth! I don’t want to wear my [real] hair all the time because I want to protect it. What would the world be like without some extra hair? It would be crazy! I need my extensions; I love the drama. I love to be able to have fun with my hair and protect it at the same time.  ESSENCE.COM: Great answer. So, if there was one thing you could invent, hair-wise, what would it be? CIARA: [bursts out laughing] I’d invent hairpieces that would give you the exact style you want, any time. And it would never mess up, not even when you’re sleeping! ESSENCE.COM: Oh, so you would just wake up like, “Bam!” CIARA: Bam, done! You could sleep in it and it wouldn’t mess up. That’s what I’d do. Read More: