After one season of roaming the world, Cincinnati Bengal linebacker Dhani Jones is back for another round of his Travel Channel show, “Dhani Tackles The Globe” which returns tonight. Traipsing through countries like Croatia, Nepal and Senegal this go round, who knows what Dhani will find but we do know that we’ll enjoy watching! The brown bomber chatted with ESSENCE.com about his top five travel must-haves and gave us advice on choosing a travel mate because you know you can’t go out of town with just anybody. Must-Have #1: “I have to have a versatile jacket that I can wear on a safari or casually down the street. You never know how the weather can turn.” Must-Have #2: “My camera, I use a Cannon Mark 5D, takes any kind of photograph you want. It’s great to record all of places I’ve been and everything I’ve seen.” Must-Have #3: “A Moleskin notebook so I can write about the places I’ve traveled. I want a memory of some sort, you don’t want to forget your favorite spots.” Must-Have #4: “I have to bring my swim trunks because you never know if there’s a spa around. You’ve got to be able to relax regardless of where you are.” Must-Have #5: “I always take this supplement called EBOOST with me, it works and it’s full of vitamins B and C. With all of the traveling I do, getting on and off of planes, I can hurt my immune system. But a good vitamin pack will put the pep back in my step and combat jetlag as well.” On choosing a travel buddy… “Though I usually travel by myself, when choosing a travel buddy you want someone who is social and as open-minded as you are. You don’t want anyone that’s totally dependent on you, so if he or she doesn’t want to go where you’re going or do what you’re doing during the trip, they can do their own thing without you feeling guilty. You also want to travel with someone who’s got information about your destination and is a good conversationalist. If he or she has something incredible to talk about that’ll really help because the majority of traveling is spent on planes, buses, walking or in cars for long time.” Where is your dream destination this spring and summer? Related stories: