Shopping online is the latest obsession for the modern day fashionista. While some women prefer the traditional touch and feel of accessories and clothing in boutiques and malls, the modern day shopaholic loves the thrill of the digital hunt. We recently discovered a new site Touch of Fabulous that not only appeals to our passion for fashion, but also offers luxury items that are unique, limited edition, and hard to find.   Touch of Fabulous really caters to the woman with personal style who wants to find something different that will help her stand out in a crowd. With the three simple tenants of Style, Shop and Share, Touch of Fabulous will take you to unchartered territory of hauteness, luxury and up-and-coming designers. We particularly love their jewelry selections. From Lily P to Anna Sheffield, Creart II to Sobral  (who’s bold statement Brazilian necklace is shown here), you can express yourself and make a style statement with a click and a credit card.