10. Shay invoking the spirits of Rebbie Jackson a la “Centipede” and Britney Spears a la “Slave 4 U” during her photo shoot with snakes.

9. Brooke tearfully defending herself against the label of Charm School “whore” and subsequently flashing her boobs like some “girl-gone-wild.”

8. Brooke obligingly spitting on some twisted male fan who asked to be showered in her saliva before agreeing to buy a bottle of her team’s homemade fragrance.

7. Saaphyri’s clothes-throwing tantrum before deciding to blow her nose on one of the garments in the thrift store… “Ewwww“!

6. The thrift store refusing to accept Schatar’s “couture” outfits because they were “funk” adafied

5. Larissa and Mo’Nique’s heated, neck-and-eye-rolling confrontation following the debate challenge.

4. Darra’s mummified body taping in preparation for her catwalk down the runway in a curtain sheath concoction replete with feathered eyelash and toe extensions.

3. Schatar unveiling a painting for a distinguished group of wine tasters, before knocking it off the easel and sending it crashing to the floor.

2. A decked-out Schatar falling as she exited the limo upon her arrival at the Firestone Vineyard.

1. Darra’s thong-clad badoonkadonk almost knocking over Cristal while her teammates pushed her over the wall during the obstacle course.