Top 10 BET Award Moments

10. Love Jones 2.0

How cute was it when the adorable Nia Long made her way on stage to surprise the audience in resurrecting a scene from the black classic film Love Jones? When Larenz Tate popped up from the audience, walked on stage, and recited the poetic line, “I’m the blues in your left thigh… trying to become the funk in your right,” every female squirmed.

9. Bad Boy Up in Smoke

Diddy’s “Hello, Good Morning,” performance with his newest group Dirty Money didn’t work out as well as the group may have expected whenwhomever controlled the smoke machine for added effects, clearly pushed the smoke button way to long.TV screens everywhere where clouded with smoke, with no visual many were ready to tell Diddy, ‘Goodbye, Goodnight.’

8. Alicia and Swizz PDA

Right before Alicia left her seat to receive her Best Female R&B artist award she very publicly shared a smooch with Swizz Beats, father of her unborn, shockingly in front of everyone.The couple, who not to long ago had their relationship put under a very critical light, threw caution to the wind, and did the “unthinkable.” Mashonda, Swizz’s ex,had to be somewhere fuming.

7. Eva’s Shoe Game

Eva Marcielle shelled out about $3,000 for her glitzy glittery pumps by Gasoline Glamour, and every penny was worth it. Although her dress was see through, Eva rendered everyone speechless and distracted the dress faux pas with her shoes.

6. Keyshia Cole A Bogus Blonde

Keyshia made her return last night after leaving the music scene focus on her
NBA fiance Daniel Gibson and new baby. However when she walked out on stage for her B.o.B set sporting a long blonde weave with huge bangs, most of us wanted to send her back to her hairstylist. We missed her voice, but that hair? Not so much.

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5. Jada Pinkett’s Missing Pants

When Jada walked on stage we had to brace ourselves. The cornrowed mohawk? OK fine.The excessive bronzer? OK will deal with that. However why were Mrs. Pinkett-Smith’s pants missing? Definite violation. When it comes to fashion the petite Pinkett usually does no wrong, but to walk out the house without pants? We can’t deal.

4. Monica’s Shoulder Pads

Um? Monica was on trend, but she took her dare to be different fashion sense to another level – it made no sense. Like her bestie, Keyshia Cole, her voice is appreciated, but her Star Wars inspired jacket was doing a bit to much.

3. Prince’s Side Eye

In the middle of Trey Songz set for his single ‘Yo Side of The Bed,’ Trey broke into his own rendition of Prince’s ‘Purple Rain.’ It became awkward to watch when the camera shot to Prince who gave Trey an extremely displeased look. Prince’s showing his disdain all over his face – priceless.

2. Alicia Barefoot and Pregnant

Every one, including Prince, held their breath as the very pregnant Alicia Keys got on top of her piano during her Prince Lifetime Achievement tribute.The mommy-to-be climbed on top of the piano, singing ‘Adore,’ showing us how much of super woman Alicia Keys really is.

1. Chris Brown Cries A River

Chris did the Michael Jackson tribute that should of been done at BET’s award show last year, one of the best tributes done to date.At the conclusion of his performance, he was set to sing Jackson’s ‘Man in the Mirror,’ and broke down in tears.Full fledged emotion that was so raw some questioned it realness, but for others renewed their faith.#1 moment of the night.