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'Tonight Show' Karaoke Couple Says There Was Nothing ‘Fake’ About It

Pranked couple Monifa and Will Sims respond to criticism about their now-famous karaoke moment.

Remember the Tonight Show prank couple that earned overnight celebrity for their awesome karaoke skills and loving bond? Well, with fame, criticism often follows, and for Monifa and Will Sims the negative backlash has already begun.

Naysayers are accusing the Sims of being “professional actors” and saying that Jay Leno and his team hired them to pretend to be pranked by “Pumpcast News” — a brief review of top headlines for drivers who stop to fill up their thanks.

Will and Monifa say that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“I really am a fitness instructor and he really is a bar tender,” she tells us. “He works nights mainly, and of course I’m working during the day…It was during those couple of hours we have together during the day together that we thought, hey, lets make a Costco run real quick.”

Will says, for them, happy is normal and there’s no need to put on an act for the cameras.

“I was just being my normal self,” he says. “I sing everywhere I go and I’m always doing something crazy. I just started pumping and looking for my Costco card and the next thing I know this dude pops up on the screen.”

Monifa goes on to argue that the proof of their authenticity is right there on video for the entire world to see.

“Listen, anybody who knows me, knows there is no way I would have ever been on live TV with that bandana on my head and that big old sweatshirt,” she says. “That’s definitely what I wear to the gym, but there’s just no way that if I had known it was going to happen like that I would have looked like that when it did.”

We think any Black woman who likes to do it up for the camera will agree. Case closed.

Tomorrow, look out for our fun and inspiring interview with the Sims about how they’ve managed to remain so in love over the years and what it was like to become famous for their compatibility.