Toni Braxton Prepares to Face Her Fears in Upcoming Episode of 'Braxton Family Values'

There are some things Toni just won't do but is the Grammy winner ready to put on her big girl hat and dive head first into her fears?

Lauren Porter May, 25, 2016

We all have things that we’re afraid of.

Some of us aren’t here for spiders, the dark gives us a fright and the thought of getting on a roller coaster makes us a little lightheaded. 

But for Grammy Award-winning singer Toni Braxton, water is her kryptonite. 

Tracee Ellis Ross: “I Listen To Fear and Lean Into It”


In the upcoming episode of Braxton Family Values, the eldest of the singing sisters toys with the idea of learning to swim with a helping nudge from her sister Towanda. 

Take a look at a sneak peek clip and tune in to BFV Thursday night at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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