It’s no secret that Toni Braxton has filed bankruptcy — twice. But the Grammy-winning singer revealed in a recent interview with TV Guide that it wasn’t the glitz and glam that made her go broke. It was that she was only making $2,000 in royalties at the height of her career.

In addition to opening up about her money woes, the star of “Braxton Family Values” also shared why she agreed to do a reality show. “When I filed for bankruptcy, my sisters said, ‘You have to tell your story. Use this as a platform,'” said Braxton.

In this week’s episode, Toni reveals her illness to her sisters. Braxton shared how being sick has affected her finances. “When I got sick, I cancelled my Vegas show and I had to cover myself so all those vendors wouldn’t come after me,” said Braxton.

We’re glad that Toni is finally back on track and taking control of her health and money matters.


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