The family of Georgia toddler AJ Burgess, who was born without kidneys, has much to be thankful for this holiday season after facing a disappointing setback just months ago in their quest to find him a donor.

Two-year-old A.J. Burgess made national headlines weeks ago when it was reported that despite his father being a perfect match, the child was prevented from receiving a kidney from his dad because he had violated his probation.

But on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, the family was overwhelmed to receive the amazing news that AJ had undergone a successful transplant surgery after a match was found, according to CBS News.

“It was an emotional moment to see something that we all hoped and prayed for all along, to see it actually come to fruition,” the family’s lawyer Mawuli Davis said. “It was really an overwhelming moment.”

Emory Hospital reportedly decided to delay the Oct. 3 transplant surgery after they found out A.J.’s father, Anthony Dickerson, was arrested last month for weapons possession. 

AJ’s new kidney came from a donor who is deceased. Although the transplant surgery was completed on November 22, the toddler’s family will not know the donor’s identity for another year.