Washington Redskins Rookie T.J. Thorpe and Girlfriend Have the Best Pre-Game Handshake

During football season, athletes have some crazy superstitions whether it be wearing a lucky shirt under their jersey, turning off their phone 24 hours before the big game or listening to the ultimate hype playlist to get them in the zone as kickoff nears.

Whatever it is they take it seriously, but one NFLer has a pre-game ritual that has absolutely brought our hearts a little bit of joy. 

Washington Redskins wide receiver T.J. Thorpe and his girlfriend Kayla Cason shared their secret handshake and a kiss before he ran on the field before Friday night’s preseason game and it’s too precious!

Thorpe and Cason’s handshake was captured on video and has since been shared more than 40,000 times via Twitter.

The rookie told Redskins media that the popularity of he and his girlfriend’s ritual has taken him my surprise because it’s simply something they do before heads on the field. 

“For me it’s something that’s just regular, since I care about her,” Thorpe said. “For it to do what it did, I was like, ‘We can’t be the only people in the world with a handshake.'”

Thorpe says their ritual was born after they became partners in a game of corn hole. 

“Every time we would get a point or win something, we just wanted something cool to do,” he added.

The couple met three years ago while Thorpe played college football in North Carolina and when he transferred to the University of Virginia for his senior season, Cason was by his side–being his biggest cheerleader every step of the way.