TJ Holmes Officially Announces BET Departure
Getty Images

TJ Holmes and BET’s relationship is officially over after much speculation. According to The Root’s Journal-isms, Holmes is a “free agent.”

Holmes launched his late night news show, Don’t Sleep, in October 2012. Its last episode, after being reformatted from nightly to weekly, aired on December 19th.

The former weekend CNN anchor says he has no regrets taking a chance with BET. “I will never, ever regret thinking that my heart was in the right place,” he says.

He says he learned from his time at BET. “You learn from your mistakes, there are questions I should have asked, things that should have been cleared up,” says Holmes. However, he’d love to support the Black community in that way should the opportunity arise.

Holmes and his wife, Marliee, welcomed a baby girl last January. He told recently that he’s on diaper duty way more than his wife. “I probably change more diapers than her because she breastfeeds and she has to do that,” said Holmes. “So I do the thing that I can do that’s change diapers.”

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