T.J. Holmes on Fatherhood: ‘I Change More Diapers Than My Wife’
Kris Connor/ Getty

New dad T.J. Holmes is officially on diaper duty.

The former host of BET’s late-night talk show Don’t Sleep says he does his best to help his wife Marilee Fiebig with caring for their two-month-old daughter Sabine.

“I probably change more diapers than her because she breastfeeds and she has to do that,” Holmes told ESSENCE.com at the premiere of Free Angela. “So I do the thing that I can do and that’s change diapers.”

The 35-year-old MSNBC host adds that fatherhood has given him lots more perspective on life. “With all that’s been going on in my life in the past year—and there certainly has been a lot—going home and seeing that little face keeps me grounded and makes sure I always understand what’s important.”

“Overall, fatherhood is glorious,” added Holmes.

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