Many a couple has split up because the two parties couldn’t figure out how to make it work in the same space. Whether you’re moving in with your boyfriend or coming together in the same place as husband and wife, you’ll need to figure out how two grown people who are used to having their own space and doing things their own way are going to share the same bed, closet, bathroom, kitchen, etc. The Frisky has come up with a few helpful tips for moving-in together. 1) “Establish Ground Rules” Get things clear from the get-go to avoid unnecessary conflict. “Whether it’s ‘Keep the toilet seat down,’ ‘No stuffed animals on the bed,’ or ‘Dirty clothes go in the hamper, not on the floor,’ getting clear on one another’s guidelines will help keep the romantic spark between you alive,” The Frisky says. 2) “Redecorate Together”  In order for the place to feel like your and his space, you both need to have input on what colors to paint the walls and where to move the couch — “Collaborating on the decor will not only bring you closer,” The Frisky advises. “It will give each of you a sense of ownership in your new abode.” 3) “Divide and Conquer the Housework” “Nothing kills the mood faster than resentment over lingering dust bunnies in the bedroom,” The Frisky reminds us. Split up the housework based on the chores that you don’t mind doing and the ones that he prefers doing. That way you’ll always know to clean the bathroom when it’s dirty and he’ll always know to do the dishes when the sink is full. 4) “Tackle Your Finances” Conflict over money is one of the most common reasons for a breakup. Before you move in together, talk finances. Continue to talk to each other about where you are financially after you move in together, too. “Set a common savings goal,” The Frisky suggests. “…That creates a sense of shared partnership and helps you both stay on the same financial track.” 5) “Get Out of the House” Just because you live in the same place together, doesn’t mean you have to spend your Saturday nights there on the couch eating delivery pizza and watching another rented movie. “Resist the trap,” The Frisky cautions. “It’s essential to the vitality of your relationship that you get out and explore the world together.” Other rules counsel to “maintain your privacy,” “spend time apart” and “show your love.” View the full list at thefrisky.com.