Sneak Peek: Tina Campbell Fights for Her Right To a Solo Album on ‘Mary Mary’
Michael Rowe

Tina Campbell isn’t one to let a simple “No” stop her. She’s a woman on a mission.

Tina’s determined to release a solo album, but her label, Sony, isn’t feeling it. A record exec told Warryn, Mary Mary’s manager and Erica’s hubby, last week that he would only greenlight her project if Mary Mary released another album, which is something, Tina says, that is not in the stars.

“Sony, you want a Mary Mary record?” Tina asks in tonight’s episode. “Mary Mary’s on hiatus. Accept it. I’m doing this with or without Sony.”

Do you think Sony’s going to accept her headstrong attitude? Check out the clip above, and be sure to catch a new episode of Mary Mary tonight at 10/9c on WE tv.