Guess Who TIME Magazine Declared ‘Most Influential Character of 2015!
FOX via Getty Images

Yes Cookie girl!

TIME named Taraji P. Henson’s Empire character, Cookie Lyon, as the most influential fictional character of 2015.

Cookie Lyon’s Best Style Moments From ‘Empire’ Season 2

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“With her high-drama scheming and higher-drama wardrobe, the Lyon family matriarch (played by Taraji P. Henson) was the biggest draw on TV’s most popular new show, Empire, luring more than 13 million viewers a week,” the mag writes.

Cookie or Yvette?: Taraji P. Henson Plays ‘This or That’

“In addition to spawning countless memes and catchphrases, she also helped inspire a clothing line at Saks Fifth Avenue. As Cookie herself said, ‘That’s my name. Take a bite.'”

For all the sassy and serious moments Cookie has given us, we couldn’t agree more! Do you have a favorite Cookie moment from the year?